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November 2019

Reflecting on the films

So, thinking back on all of the films we have screened this term:

  • Which film is your favorite?
  • Least favorite?
  • Which are you likely to watch again?
  • Which are you likely to never watch aagain?
  • What film are most glad to have seen?
  • Least glad?
  • Which was most interesting to you in terms of mise-en-scène?
  • What was most interesting to you in terms of the theme of On the Margins?

Topics for M 11/25

Here are topics for our discussion of Carol on Monday. Feel free to start the conversation here or to suggest additional topics.

  • Framing & decor: the use of windows and mirrors in framing shots.
  • Lighting.
  • How the filmmakers use mise-en-scène to create a film that not only looks and feels like the period, but also looks and feels like a film from the period.
  • Action and performance: how Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara use facial expression and body language to show emotion and change. We can also talk about how costume and make-up support these performances.